1968 Birth. Ph.D. (Candidate of historical sciences), Assistant Professor of the International Slavic Institute (ISI), the lecturer of Russian history, Slavic studies and philosophy.
The main specialization now is anarcho-reformism of Peter Alexeyevich Kropotkin. I am the author of over 20 articles in Russian about anarcho-reformism and the dissertation “Anarcho-reformism in the socio-political views of Peter Kropotkin (1897-1921).
I have my own course of lectures on the history of Russia.
Now there prepared for publication:
• The book on the historiography of archaeological study of Old Ladoga – the first capital of ancient Russia and the first princes of Ladoga;
• The critical study of “Theory of cultural-historical types” of Nikolai Yakovlevich Danilevsky as the predecessor of the civilizational approach O. Spengler and A. Toynbee;
• Articles on the philosophy of history.
I would consider with interest the proposals for postdoctoral, grants, mutual science works or job for me and other forms of cooperation in the English-speaking countries on a temporary or permanent basis. I would be grateful for information about the conferences on anarchism, Kropotkin and other topics close to me.

Curriculum Vitae (CVvsait)

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